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Since I was young my aunty has been using all of these natural hair methods, avoiding shop bought products  in favour of using natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen. My hair is thick and wavy and thrives off being conditioned and to this day I swear by these magical ingredients.  Why don’t you give one of them a go this weekend and give your hair a natural treat.  I promise you won’t regret it! Natural Hair Tips By Sophia


What It Does: Gives you smooth, shiny waves and tangle free hair!

How You Do It: Firstly purchase some coconut oil and rub around a table spoon (depending on how thick and long your hair is) all over the hair roots and the ends of your freshly washed clean hair, then gather the hair at the back of your head just above your head and tie it with a bobble (fairly loose). Next, grab the end of the ribbon/rag and fold it the end under the bobble so it is held in place. Place your left thumb (if you are right handed, other way round for lefties) on the ribbon and hold it under the bobble so it doesn’t move, then wrap the hair with the ribbon round the pony tail tightly, making sure that all the hair is covered and nothing is peaking out, all the way to the ends of the hair. Depending on how long your hair is you might need more than a metre as once you reach the ends you need to wrap from the end back to the top of the pony tail, and unfold the end under the bobble and tie the two ends together. Sleep in this and when you wake up your hair will be dry and have smooth waves as well as look shiny and smooth. The coconut oil will help to protect your hair against the harsh winter weather too.

Equally, if this is too difficult to do then you can use a silk scarf. Wrap your hand around your hair and hold in place with thin grips or clips (that don’t dig in to your head) and then wrap the silk scarf around your head and tie with the two ends and sleep with it like this. This method is effective for dry and wet hair and works best for anti-frizzing the hair without using anti-frizz products.

What It Does: Deeply moisturizes dry hair restoring shine and condition

How You Do It: Pour some olive oil in a jar and place it in a bowl of extremely hot water (be very careful not to burn yourself) to heat the olive oil up (allow 2-3 minutes). Apply the warm olive oil all over the hair, massaging in a circular motion into the scalp and especially the ends working from the crown outwards for around 5 minutes (massaging the scalp will make the oil really sink into the skin and also stimulates hair growth as it increases blood circulation). After this, wet a towel with very hot water from a tap and wring the water out, then wrap the towel around your hair like a turban and relax. When this towel cools down I tend to do it another two times with a new hot towel to make sure I get the goodness out of the oil. After this, leave the oil in for an hour or so before rinsing the oil out, and then shampoo as required to get the oil out. In my past experience I haven’t needed to use conditioner afterwards as my hair felt lovely, but if you feel you need to then feel free to use conditioner. Once all washed out I tend to leave my hair to air dry just to leave it feeling healthier for longer.

This can be repeated every weekend, and if you do then you don’t need to use as much oil as you would if you just do it as a one off (olive oil can be expensive!).

And voila (as the French say) you will have lovely shiny, sleek and smooth hair, the 3 S’s.


What It Does:  Conditions and colours the hair with red tones

How You Do It: When using the henna I definitely recommend a strand test (leave in for around 1hr-2hrs) to check you are happy that the colour works for you. To do this, add a little boiling water to some of the henna and then place on a strand of hair.

Once happy with the colour break the bricks up or add the powder to a pan and add boiling hot water, then give it a stir to get a smooth thick consistency (don’t let it go runny). When the henna is ready you can rub petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, around your ears and the top of your forehead and the top of your neck at the back of your head, as this will stop the henna staining your skin. Wearing plastic gloves to stop it staining hairs, when the henna is warm scoop it on to dry hair, massaging from roots to tips all over the hair by gathering the hair at the crown of your head. Once all the hair is covered use a plastic bag to cover your hair so that the henna doesn’t fall off and stopping it causing stains on clothes etc. Allow the henna to sit for 3 hours (the longer you leave it the more nutrients your hair will take up but it will then be left with a deeper colour) as any longer will give a deep colour change- I tend to leave mine overnight, it is not majorly comfortable but it gives plenty of time for the henna to work. Once the allotted time is over, wash your hair separate from showering your body as from personal use it causes a mess. Be prepared for the amount of rinsing required to remove all of the henna as well as washing of the bath!

Honest opinion? It works amazingly; it left my hair feeling smooth and shiny, which is great as I use straighteners and curlers every day. It works perfectly for when your hair is looking dull and tired in this winter weather!

If you are in a country where you can make it from scratch then I would recommend doing this as it works a treat, but buying the stuff works just as fab from retailers such as Lush, who have a variety of colours but your traditional style henna tends to give a red-ish colour which fades over time.


What It Does: Vinegar is really good for providing hair with shine as it works by removing any residue that coats the hair and makes it look dull!

How It Works: The best vinegar I have found is apple cider as I feel it is less drying that white vinegar. Mix ¼ to 1 cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water, but if you have dry hair it’s best to use less vinegar and if you have oily hair it’s best to use more vinegar. Once you have a mix fitted to your hair, wash your hair as normal with shampoo, then instead of using conditioner, apply the vinegar and rub into the scalp, hair and don’t leave out the hair ends. Leave the vinegar in for a few minutes for it to work, then you can either rinse it off completely or rinse a bit off and leave some in. WARNING! It does smell whilst you let it dry- makes me think of eating chips. Once it is dry there is no smell (no joke, take my word for it).

What It Does: Mayonnaise is such a good product for restoring moisture and vitality that the cold air can sometimes take away from hair. Using mayonnaise can leave your with soft and shiny locks! (And yes, I know by now you are probably thinking after reading about the vinegar rinse that this is just weird….but tried and tested and even my stubborn locks, as well as my sister’s and my friend’s hair took to it! Plus if you use the whole jar…make a sandwich whilst you wait!)

How It Works: Visit your local supermarket and buy a jar of any mayonnaise (it can even be the value stuff). Make sure the jar is big enough to cover your hair.

Once you have the mayonnaise, wet your hair until damp (not drenched) with tepid water and now using your hand (with a plastic glove if needs be), pile as much as you would like of the mayonnaise to your hair massaging it through the strands (soon to be locks) of hair and rub it into the hair and scalp too. Once you have done this, wrap a plastic bag (or something similar) round your head, covering all of your hair. You can leave it to sit for a minimum of 20 minutes but sometimes if I’m just watching TV or staying home I’ll leave it on for 30-60 minutes. This works best for really damaged hair. After this, rinse it out and then wash with shampoo as it will take a proper wash for all of the mayonnaise to come out.


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