Beat The Bloat – Tips For A Flat Tummy


Are you sick of dieting and still looking down every morning at your belly? Does your stomach balloon by mid-day? Bowel problems and IBS? These are some handy tips to help you beat the bloat and keep your tummy at bay, dropping a few llbs along the way. Give it ago – the only thing you’ve got to loose is belly fat!

iStock_000014500910Small (Tummy)Digestive System  – You’ve probably heard by now that good bacteria is the key for keeping the digestive system healthy and balanced but if it is inbalanced this could lead to weight gain. Scientists have studied and found strong links between bad bacteria and extra weight. Start your journey by eliminating the bad bacteria in your gut by eating lean protein, healthy fats and anti-oxidant rich fruit. These will all help shrink the belly but be sure to steer away from refinded sugars, bread, carbs and white rice which give the bad bacteria a feeding frenzy.

Take It Slow – If you’re one of these people who swallows food whole without even chewing then it’s time to reporgram meal times. Taking your time to chew each mouthful aids digestions, enabling the enzymes in saliva to get to work, telling your stomach to produce acid to break the food down. It also helps you feel fuller stopping you from overeating.  It takes around 20 minutes for your brain to get the green flag that your belly is full.

Flush It Out – You’ve heard it all before, drink, drink, drink! You should be aiming to drink around 2litres of water a day. Whether it’s bottled or from the tap, water will aid digestion, flush out toxins and eliminate any excess water weight.

The Four Golden Rules

1. Eat more magnesium – found in banana’s, brown rice, pumpkin seeds and spinach.

2. Eat more monounsaturated fatty acids – found in avocados, dark chocolate (yay!), olive oil and nuts and omega -3 oil found in salmon, sardines, mackeral and tune.

3. Eat fewer carbs  – found in sugar, wheat, white rice, pasta, bread and pastries.

4. Eat fewer carbs that ferment quickly – found in onions, garlic and daity products.



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