Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink

Shadow little miracles oraganic energy drink

I have to share this discovery with you health conscious, organic loving people. So I was in my local Tesco Express needing a pick me up for the dreaded 4pm slump. I bought some chocolate (obviously) and then I went to the fridge to reach for a carton of Ribena (the usual suspect). Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed this pretty little purple bottle jumping out at me. It was something I had never noticed before and it was on offer for £1 so I investigated a little further.

The drink was Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink White Tea, Ginseng, Cherry, Acai & Agave flavor. The fact that it has the words Organic & Energy made my eyes pop. I’m not a lover of of those fizzy, high energy drinks loaded with sugar so being able to opt for a healthier option makes it all the more worth while.

Whilst this bottle of Little Miracle (330ml) contains 23% sugar (which is agave) it has 27 calories and 0% fat (per 100ml) – that works for me! It gave me the boost I was looking for and contains healthy, organic ingredients including natural food coloring’s.

little miracles oraganic energy drink

Uber refreshing, made with Organic Still Water – I’m officially a Little Miracles convert and cannot wait to try the other flavors. Check out your local supermarket for the full range of Little Miracles.


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