Mind Blowing Makeup Facts


Prepare to amazed by these makeup facts. If you’re reading this you are a beauty junkie but would you use certain products if you really knew what was in them?  Here’s a few mind blowing beauty facts for you to mull over.

Fish Scales : yep, you read that right. Some lipsticks contain fish scales available as a by-product of large-scale, commercial herring processing to give a lovely, shimmery sheen to some lipsticks.  So next time you wear your shimmery lippy you could very well turn into a mermaid!

Snail Slime: Snail slime contains glycolic acid and elastin which help protect snail’s skin from bacteria, cuts, and UV light. The slime is also used in some moisturisers to rejuvenate skin cells.

Pepper Spray: Want plump, luscious looking lips? Well that’s fine if you’re happy to put pepper spray on your face, as many lip-plumping cosmetics contain Oleoresin Capsicum (aka pepper spray).

Animal Placenta: Looking for a products to treat dry, damaged hair? Then try a hair mask containing some animal placenta for the strong, glossy hair you’ve always yearned for.



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