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The Organic Pharmacy Gene Expression Lifting Serum is marketed at ages 33 and above, to provide “uplifted, radiant, illuminated and revitalized skin”. I personally do not fit into that category, but I do have combination skin and therefore look for products that do not tip the scale to either dry or greasy.

The Gene Expression Serum – is an odorless, shimmering, bronze coloured liquid, with a similar consistency to hair serum. It comes in a small bottle; the silver lid and base give it a very professional look and feel. This bottle is supposed to last for 3 months with twice daily usage, and costs £190 (that works out around £60 per month, the price of a good facial).

theorganicpharmacy selfridges

I experienced the serum as part of a facial at Selfridge’s in London. The Organic Pharmacy counter is impressive and the staff were lovely. I was ushered to the treatment room where the beautician cleansed my face with a hot towel, and then applied various clays which were then cleaned off. This was then followed by an application of citrus smelling anti-oxidants, which smelled and felt amazing. This process was repeated several times, being washed off gently with a hot towel between each stage to really clean and freshen the skin.

Finally, it was time for the Lifting Serum. This was dabbed onto my face, not rubbed, to help the skin absorb it. It felt exactly how it looked; silky and smooth. I then just lay there and let it dry, which combined with the smells of the treatment room was relaxing in itself.


When it dried, I looked in the mirror and noticed that whilst it wasn’t shimmering, my skin certainly looked healthier and less blemished. My skin tone was more even and my skin glowed. It was also smooth and soft to the touch. Afterwards I had my makeup applied, and here you could tell the difference. My makeup looked even all across my face, there were no dry patches and there were no greasy patches often seen on the forehead and chin. This gave my makeup a very professional appearance.

Unfortunately, soon afterwards the serum began to dry, and when it dried it began to peel. This meant that I needed to wash it off to avoid it peeling across my whole face.  I wasn’t told this at the time of the treatment so its a handy tip to remember, especially for the ladies who wear makeup.

This was lovely treatment for my combination skin. I hear that one of the EC product review team will be reviewing the serum as an “at home” treatment so keep your eyes peeled.

Review by Sophia – EC Product Review Team 


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