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Being a young and naive teenager I set out on my quest to get bigger boobs. I had breast enlargement back in February 2002, wow, that’s nearly 12 years ago!  At that time in my life I didn’t even give the risks a second thought let alone think about what would happen 10 years down the line. Back then, they gave you a life expectancy of the implants which was between 10 to 15 years. I decided to go up two cup sizes from a 34B to a 34D.  All went well and my new boobs were perfect. As time went on and the years passed my weight started to fluctuate and so did my new breasts. They grew a few more cup sizes taking me up to a 34 DD/E. As more years went by I fell pregnant with my little girl. By the time pregnancy had its wicked way my breasts had grown again taking me up to a 36G.  Although I wasn’t complaining at my new found growth, when the baby weight disappeared so did my extra bra sizes, leaving me with a reasonable 34F.

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed a terrible aching & stabbing pain in my left breast. It seemed to happen every time I picked my little girl up.  I ignored it the first few times before going to see my GP.  My GP referred me to the local one stop breast clinic. One Stop Breast Clinic were fantastic, they thoroughly visually and physically examined me and then I had an ultrasound scan of both breasts. There’s no waiting around between appointments, it was all done on the day and they gave me an answer there and then as to what the problem was. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t breast cancer but I had to deal with the fact that the pain was being caused my left implant, which had in fact ruptured.  After I left the clinic the next step was to agonize over whether to replace my implants or have them removed and hope for the best.  Both options were terrifying. Not knowing where the money would come from for a brand new set of implants or on the flip side – not knowing if I’d be left disfigured from the implant removal then throw in the factor of not wanting to go under the knife again, it was terrifying.


So after serious thought and consideration of my financial situation I decided to have my breast implants removed. They wouldn’t be replaced and they wouldn’t be lifted. Because I had decided to go with the NHS implant replacement and/or breast lift was not an option, they simply offered to remove the implants for me.  So as you can imagine I was very worried as to what they may look like afterwards. I had nightmares of them looking like Asda shopping bags with a apple in the bottom. My surgeon assured me that they wouldn’t look as bad as I was imagining in my head. Even after the size they went to after my little girl.

I had my operation back in Dec 2013. All went well and the recovery time took about 6 weeks. I couldn’t drive for a few weeks nor could I do any heavy lifting. A couple of days after the op I started to religiously moisturise my boobs twice a day to help with the recovery.  After all the worry I am pleased to say the surgeon was right, my new boobs, implant free don’t  look as bad as I first thought they would. They don’t resemble any kind of shopping bag and look natural. The plus side now is that I don’t have to go under the knife again or lay out thousands of pounds.  Size wise? They’re an ample 34E, just a different shape, nothing a good push up bra won’t fix!! I am happy and healthy……and au-naturel.

For anyone facing the same situation I would strongly recommend that you remove the implants first and let them heal. After the healing time has passed you’ll know if you want the implants back in.   I sincerely hope this helps some of the worriers (like me) out there.

The author wishes to remain anonymous but was more than happy to share her experience with EC.  If you have a real life treatment or procedure story you’d like to share – get in touch with the EC Team.


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