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2014 may have kick started the beginning of a new diet and the desire for a better lifestyle, but there is more to think about than food when making the ultimate change for a healthier you.

Your skin plays a vital role in your overall health, and should be looked after more than ever when having to endure the cold temperatures of winter. For many people, a typical winter’s day can cause many a problem for the skin, such as uncomfortable dryness and a general tightening of the face, hands and feet. Warming the skin seems like the most logic idea, however this can make symptoms worse and sometimes lead to inflamed eczema.

Enhancing your skin care regime, taking a little time to concentrate on regaining the skins natural moisture and enriching the skin with added vitamins can be an easier process than you may think. Here we have comprised a few products we here at Everything Cosmetic believe can really undo the effects of a harsh winter and bring back the natural glow to your skin.


E45 Emollient Bath Oil 

A warm bath on a cold evening can be anyone’s weakness. Although the hot temperatures can dry out the skin, there are certain products that are clinically proven to soothe and moisturise. E45 does exactly this. A few drops into your warm bath water can not only lock in moisture, but prevent skin from drying out the next day. Unlike many other perfumed oils, E45 soothes and instantly softens sensitive skin without causing irritation.



 No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for dry skin

Another great product for irritated skin is No7 Skin Hydration Mask, developed especially for dry skin which needs a hydrating boost. The texture is creamy when applied yet dries quickly as the moisture is absorbed into the skin. Once left for the desired time and removed with tepid water, results are instantaneous. The mask completely revitalises your skin, leaving it incredibly soft and glowing. Perfect for young as well as mature skin, this is the ideal product to make you feel and look completely revitalized.



Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser

Olay is another well-known brand to treat sensitive skin, giving you the deepest penetration of moisture without being too oily. A great moisturiser may be your number one priority in winter, to treat dry skin and leave your face feeling fresh and looking younger. Not only does this product enrich your skin with vitamin E and protect your skin with SPF15, it also gives your skin a beautiful sun kissed complexion with a touch of ‘everyday sunshine’. Applying this light textured moisturiser everyday builds up a natural looking golden glow whilst the nourishing moisturiser’s constantly hydrate the skin to stop any streaking. The complete care product is absorbed really quickly into the skin and also smells great unlike most self-tanners.


avene-skincare Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream

Your lips are usually the most prone to drying out as the wetness of skin when combined with wind and cold temperatures is a lethal combination. Applying even just a small amount of Avene cold lip cream, especially designed to inject moisture back into the driest of skin can work miracles. The emollient lip care provides immediate relief and protects against chapped lips throughout winter.



Simple Spotless Skin Face Scrub

Dry skin is dead skin, and therefore needs to be removed in order to regain that fresh faced look. Harsh scrubs can make symptoms worse however and you must be careful not to continuously rub dry areas. Simple is well known for its gentle properties and their spotless face scrub combines the perfect amount of abrasion to remove just the top layer of dry skin without damaging sensitive areas. Made with only the purest ingredients you can be sure of great results without irritation and left with the perfect base to apply your make-up.


Whether you make only one change to your daily skin care regime this winter, we believe that any of these products above will help you bring positively healthy results in 2014.

 Happy Pampering!

Article written by Alexandra Jackson – Health & Beauty Blogger for The EC Team. You can follow Alexandra on Twitter @ally91xo


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