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About Brodie Skincare

Anyone who exercises outdoors knows that there’s a downside to getting that glow that comes with improved blood flow. Exposure to the elements robs your skin of vital moisture, leaving it dry, tight, sore, chapped, itchy, flaky and dull. The act of sweating brings toxins right up to the skin’s surface, with salts and acids also affecting the delicate pH balance.  so Brodie Skincare was born, a cream to help skin recover and repair, packed with active ingredients for an active lifestyle.


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Brodie Skin Care (BSC)

Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream


Any kind of active lifestyle means facing the elements and the damage that can do to your complexion. Then there’s what happens to your skin from the inside too – a build-up of acids and salts brought to the surface during any kind of exercise. Whether you’re into pushing body and soul to the limit with extreme sports challenges or you’re into regular

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