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Tell Me About Everything Cosmetic…..A cosmetic network created by beauty fanatics for beauty fanatics!  We give you sneak peaks on the newest products before they launch, the latest beauty gossip and the chance to sample amazing full size beauty products from brands worldwide and if that’s not enough we’re launching our luxury beauty directory soon so you can find specialist beauty professionals in the UK at the click of a button.

Tell Me More About Beauty Team Trials…..In a nutshell we give you FREE full sized beauty products to trial and then you share your opinions with us and your friends. The detailed answer…We work with established and new beauty brands from around the world bringing you fabulous beauty products to trial. Your views and opinions are what really matters, you’re the people who buy the products and support the brands. Simply trial then share your opinions with us by writing a short honest review on the feature then circulate to your friends and family via your social media accounts and by word of mouth. We absolutely love genuine and honest reviewers who have a passion for all things beauty – remember the more we trust you to write honest reviews the more products we will send you.

Tell Me More About New Product Launches…..We get excited when we hear about a new product bursting into the beauty world and we want to share it with you. As soon as we hear about a new product launch we’ll post the inside scoop for you so you know the in’s and out’s and can find out where to get your hands on the products quickly. We’ll only feature products for 3 months and then they go into our Product Directory.

Tell Me More About The Luxury Beauty Directory…..We’re currently working on this and one launched you can search for luxury beauty professionals in the UK . Hair Colorists (bayalage, ombre, colour blend), Makeup Artists, Permanent Makeup Artists, Aesthetic & Skin Experts (lip fillers, botox, cheek filler, skin peels).  We will only list professionals of high standards and who are an expert in their field of beauty. View profiles with contact information, price list, reviews, portfolio and any special offers they are running.

Tell Me More About Beauty Brand Directory…..This page displays a selection of brands who sell beauty products.  You can view their profile to check out what they do, what the brand is about, price list of products, contact info, new products launches and completed team trials.

Are Your Services International?……We feature international brands but our beauty directory for professionals is UK only.

Is Everything Cosmetic Just For Women?…..Most of our products are aimed at women but there are many products and treatments that are suitable for both male and female. We will be launching a grooming network for men later this year.

Is There a Fee To Join, Browse The Site & Sample Products?…..Nope it’s totally free!