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Magnitone Barefaced VIBRA-SONIC FACE BRUSH

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Magnitone have done it again and launched another fab facial cleansing brush. It’s called Magnitone Barefaced and is a must for all the skincare junkies out there. The Barefaced has Vibra-Sonic™ technology which is a combo of sonic oscillations + electromagnetic vibrations which results in an energising skin workout. This skin-friendly combination work deep in the skin to pull out impurities and boost micro-circulation giving you and your skin a healthy glow. We leave the technical jargon for now and you can check it out by visiting

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Removes Make-up
Deep Cleans Pores
Removes Impurities
Removes Dead Skin Cells
Can Be Used With any Facial Cleanser
Results Seen Within 7 Days

£70 Available In 3 Pastel Colours From

Love It

Jan 17, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I have been using the Magnitone arefaced for a few weeks now and have noticed a definite improvement in the smoothness of my skin. People have noticed the difference and complimented to say that my skin was looking more brighter and looks fresh!  I have noticed a real improvement in a reduction to clogged pores & less spots. My skin is so smooth like a babies bum! Overall I love the Magnitone Barefaced and the colours are so pretty, I received the pastel pink colour - easy to charge and use -  I would recommend it to anyone.

Pretty Smooth Skin

Jan 17, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

Oh wow what a fab lil product. I've been using it a while now and my skin has never felt better. I use fake tan daily so sometimes have a building up.  Since using the Magnitone Barefaced my skin is brighter and smoother, it's revealed a whole new layer.  Makeup and skincare sits alot better too! It's a cute colour and is easy to charge. I use it when I'm in the shower and its verytravel handy too. Thanks I have a new fav skincare regime.

Jan 29, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I purchased this product because I wear make-up often and need a product to remove all the dirt and unclog my pores.  It's an excellent product and everyone should have one. From the first use I felt an amazing difference in my skin, totally exfoliated and thoroughly cleansed. The product is very simple and self explanatory to use and would recommend it 100%.

Jan 29, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I've had the magnitone barefaced for 2 weeks now and my skin looks AMAZING! My skin was looking dull and spotty this has cleared it up and my make-up looks so much better now my skin is smooth. Comes in a really nice box and is simple to use - great for travel and is waterproof.  I cant recommend this enough!

Jan 30, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

Love this - never thought a facial brush could give such noticeable results. I will never need to go for a professional facial again, everyday my skin feels totally clean and soft. No need for expensive creams, just great to be able to keep it simple with this. A very worthwhile investment that everyone needs in their life!

Jan 30, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

Like Gem I also trialled the Magnitone Lucid. I prefer the Barefaced because of the brand new pastel girly colours they come in and the fact you can use any Magnitone brush with the product. I used the pastel orange colour which is lush.  I've had a few hormonal breakouts on my chin recently so have been using this product to help the spots and making sure I remove al traces of dirt and make-up.  It's great if you've been tanning for a few days and need to exfoliate the old tan from your skin.  It's 100% waterproof so I use it in the shower daily on my fav Pulselift setting.  I love it I'm sure you will too - excited to see what other fab product Magnitone London bring out.

Jan 28, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

Well where do I begin..... I'm lucky enough to try all the goodies that come in to ECHQ and I recently trialled the Magnitone Lucid. I found the Lucid very similar to the Barefaced with the exception of the new beautiful pastel colours the Barefaced comes in.  You can use the Magnitone Lucid brush heads on the Barefaced which is useful (all Magnitone brush heads can be used on the Barefaced).  After a week of use my skin was smooth and glowing. I am a serial fake tan user on my face and my skin is beginning to age to this product is a god send. I don't use it everyday (weekly or a few times a week is fine for me). If you want glowing fresh skin then this is a product for you. Well within budget, super cute and travel friendly.

Jan 29, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I have been using this product for just over a week and have been very happy with it. I have combination skin and am prone to clogged pores and break outs. It makes my skin a lot more balanced and has reduced my spots. There is definitely an adjustment period, whilst I didn't break out like it suggests you might I did get some dry patches at first but this balanced out as I continued using it. T

Jan 30, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I love this product. It's the first time I've used a vibrasonic cleansing brush.  I have an oily T-Zone and have been using this for a weeks now. I've been using it weekly instead of daily but the results are fab. My skin looks brighter and is less oily. I haven't had any breakouts from using it either.   The actual device is super cute and is small enough to fit in my toiletries bag when I go away. Very easy to charge with by USB and it doesn't matter if you get it wet because it's waterpoof. Brill product x

Jan 28, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I've used a few cleansing brushes before from other brands.   I love this product because of the pastel colours and the USB charging. The other products are standard white colour and have a mains charger. this product is fully waterproof and I like the fact I can use any of the Magnitone brush heads with the product.  Because I've used these products before I didn't need to use the Barefaced daily but my skin is looking great. I've had lots of compliments recently. The pulse mode is good - you can really feel it working. Thanks EC and Magnitone 🙂

Jan 25, 2016 | Recommended( yes) |

I'm an air steward and suffer with dry dead skin cells.  I'm constantly on the lookout for new products to help keep my skin fresh.  I've been using this after my flights to remove the dead skin and unclog my pores from the aircraft pollution.  I must say I'm impressed and my skin is looking and feeling more refreshed. This product is definitely a staple in my flight bag,  I was given the pastel green to trial - would be good to see some male friendly colours or products. All in all I would tell my friends to buy this product.

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