Laidbare Tan – Natural Self Tan 125ml



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Laidbare Tan – Natural Self Tanworks with your natural skin tone toensure a healthy looking, sun kissed look. When applied to the skin,Laidbare Tan not only looks natural but actually is natural, thanks to its no synthetic content. 125ml. Free from SPF. Lasts for 3 days. Wth no orange hue. Works with your natural skin tone. Laidbare Tan – Natural Self Tanhas a unique Vitamin C complex that allows for an incredibly bronzed, progressive tan, which becomes a shade darker after every application. Vitamin C is an Antioxidant, that whenapplied topically, is absorbed into the skin and helps protects it from free radicals produced by harmfulUV rays. Vitamin C is also highly regarded for its capacity to reverse photo-aging – the damage caused to skin by consistent years of exposure to the sun.

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